South Australia collective development training


        When I got up at 6 am on November 3, 2018, the foggy weather was accompanied by light rain. My colleagues were unaffected. They called early in our Wechat group and arrived at the company on time.

        On the bus to the South Australia expansion base, I thought everyone would get up early and lose their energy, but we still happily played games. The thick clouds seemed to have been externalized by our enthusiasm. The rain stopped quickly and we arrived at our destination smoothly.        

        The first step is to break the ice and build a team (team project)

        In the new environment, new and old colleagues organize a new team. The momentum of each group will enhance each other's feelings, but also have a positive and enterprising team atmosphere and sense of collective honor.

        Second step: Passion 99 seconds (team project)

        This project is a test of teamwork. It can quickly improve tacit understanding and break through some restrictive concepts, which makes us realize the sense of success in team cooperation.


        Third step: the power of breathing (team project)

        This project is a test of team communication and flexible thinking. It enables us to experience the conflict between different communication modes and different aspects of communication, and cultivate the working process, positive mentality, sense of responsibility, execution and team strength.        


        Fourth part: air horizontal bar (individual project)

        Every colleague who participated in the challenge had to climb up a 9-meter high platform and stand on a disc only 25 centimeters in diameter, then struggle out of the disc to grab the horizontal bar in the air.

        This is a project to test individuals' ability to overcome psychological barriers, enhance self-control and improve their action ability, so that everyone can experience the self-confidence of breakthrough, mutual trust among team members and team spirit of mutual responsibility.        


        Fifth part: power circle (collective project)

        All of us held the rope in our hands and formed a circle. Our feet merged and landed with our heels. All of us fell backwards at the same time. First let the team members walk around the rope, then challenge them to turn 168 times in a minute.

        This is a project to test the consistency and trust of collective goals. It can enhance the sense of trust within the team and make everyone feel the centripetal force and cohesion of the high-performance team.

        In the outward-bound training, colleagues all show their dedication. They give full play to their own advantages, learn from others' strengths and accomplish their goals and tasks together, which truly reflects the unity and cooperation, communication and coordination, passion and challenge of a team.